How to Uninstall AVAST SafeZone Browser from Your Computer

Are you searching for the solution on how to uninstall Avast SafeZone browser? With the excessive use of internet and digital technology, the risk of getting hacked, threats and viruses has also increased to a high level. The links to malicious websites cause harm to the computer. Opening of one website and redirected to another website is not only annoying but also very risky.

AVAST Safezone Browser

Installation of applications on desktop gives an open invitation to different viruses and threats which are not so easy to be removed. Insertion of USB devices and memory card also leads to virus implantation.

To overcome these risks and threats, a number of anti viruses are available on internet so that one can install the program and can also scan that particular program in order to keep the computer virus free.

Among these, AVAST antivirus is one the best antivirus available for installation. AVAST antivirus helps you to keep your computer and programs virus free. The scan cycle is very powerful and can catch tinniest virus and threats present in the computer. It frequently gets updated and add new threats and viruses in its memory so that they can be removed from computer, if found.

With the update to new version, an add -on is installed in your computer known as AVAST safe zone browser. This browser comes free with the antivirus and is made as default browser automatically. You cannot switch to chrome or Firefox, once AVAST safe zone browser is made default.

This is a bit annoying and people search for ways to uninstall that browser. Here is a way you can uninstall it.

Why you cannot use AVAST safezone browser?

Though AVAST safezone browser is very safe and free of viruses, it does not work as swiftly as chrome or Firefox browser. The multiple windows get stuck and jammed and takes time to resume.  Consumers do not prefer to use this browser as a default.

Method to uncheck the browser while installing AVAST antivirus

On the off chance that you are installing AVAST over again, and don’t have any requirement for the web program to be introduced on your computer, at that point you should obstruct AVAST antivirus installation through and through.

While that won’t help you if AVAST later on chooses to push the program by any means on your computer.

To obstruct the installation of the web program while you are introducing AVAST Antivirus on a machine, do the accompanying:

  1. When the initial setup page shows up, hit the customize button immediately. You will find it beneath the big orange button on the page.
  2. The following page shows all the extra segments that AVAST will introduce on the PC.
  3. Find the AVAST Safe Zone Browser passage and uncheck it.
  4. While you are busy, uncheck any segment that you don’t require, e.g. SecureLine or Mail Shield.

How to uninstall Avast SafeZone Browser

In the event that the web program is now installed on your computer, then you can uninstall it from the Windows PC in the accompanying way:

Stage 1: click Windows-Pause to open the Control Panel of the computer.

Stage 2: Select “Control Panel Home”, and on the screen that opens “uninstall a program”.

Stage 3: Right-tap on AVAST Free Antivirus (your system may have an alternate name), and select the change choice from the setting menu. Then again, left-tap on the AVAST passage and pick change from the menu at the very top.

Stage 4: On the page that opens, select change once more.

uninstall avast safezone

Stage 5: Locate SafeZone Browser and uncheck it. Do likewise for any of alternate programs that you may not require. All programs will be uninstalled from the PC. Tap on change a short time later to begin the evacuation procedure. You will get a “the item was refreshed effectively” message subsequently.

After finishing with the procedure, you have to restart your computer so that it can work effectively.

Now your computer if free of AVAST safe zone browser and you can use your preferred browser freely.

How to Uninstall AVAST SafeZone Browser from Your Computer
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