Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phone You Must Have

Every once in a while we wish our phone worked a bit differently; more suited to our needs. Rooting was discovered by such a person too! It allows users to customize their phone according to their desires. Apart from general personalization, rooting allows you to run some applications that weren’t permitted before. Apps for rooted android are flooding the scene nowadays.

Apps for Rooted Android Phone

Here are the top 10 Apps for Rooted Android:

1. Greenify:

Greenify app

There are times when our battery simply disappoints us. From apps to photos to messaging, the battery life must be capable enough to cater it all. Greenify is an app that manages your battery very efficaciously for you. It’ll alert you about the apps secretly consuming power, and those that are making your phone all slaggy.

Download Greenify Android App

2. Titanium Backup:

Titanium Backup App

In the apps for rooted android comes in this little baby. We’ve all woken up to nightmares that our phone’s RAM got evaporated! And this reality can really jolt your ground. Thereby, Titanium backup is a simple solution to have all your information preserved in case of such a calamity. It is way better than the backup your phone’s system offers because it is swift!

Download Titanium Backup Android App

3. Dumpster:

Dumpster app

We’ve all had moments thanking God for Recycle Bin on PC. Apps for rooted android have this same thing with a different name. If you delete some photos or files mistakenly, you can find it in the dumpster and restore it to its original space. However, if you really want to delete something forever, you’ll have to go through deleting it from this app as well.

Download Dumpster Android App

4. Wi-Fi Tethering:

Wi-Fi Tethering app

In this modern day, Wi-Fi has become as much a necessity as oxygen. A hotspot option allows you to share the connection with others in need too, however not all gadgets support hotspot. Wi-Fi Tethering app plays this crucial role, and allows you and others to share their connection. After all, sharing is caring!

Download Wi-Fi Tethering Android App

5. Chainfire 3D:

Chainfire 3D app

Are you a serious gamer who is fed up of the memory issues your phone has? There are apps for rooted android namely Chainfire 3D that permit you to downgrade the graphics, illustrations and visuals of a game enough to let you enjoy it yet taking up much less space than before. Brilliant isn’t it?

Download Chainfire 3D Android App

6. Smart Booster:

Smart Booster app

No one has the darn time to clean their phone off cache junk, and turn off background apps regularly. Therefore, Smart Booster will do the task for you. With one tap, you will have the apps closed, the cache cleared, the junk lost and the phone super-fast!

Download Smart Booster Android App

7. System App remover:

System App remover app

Fed up with the extra space all those pre-added, non-delete-able system apps take? Worry no more. Apps for rooted android allow you to get rid of these silly apps and make up more space on your phone for the apps you really want, instead of those you unnecessarily were hoarding.

Download System App remover Android App

8. Adblock plus:

Adblock plus app

Let’s face it, we’re all tired of advertisements! No we don’t want to buy that swimsuit. Adblock plus will make certain you never have to see an annoying ad covering your screen again.

Download Adblock Plus Android App

9. SDfix:

SDfix app

A number of users have reported that the SD card blocks itself on its own, without any warning, or reason. SD fix apps for rooted android solve this mayhem by simply asking you to run it and then restart the device. The SD card will be working fine.

Download SDfix Android App

10. Flashify:

Flashify app

Found yourself in the dark, but your flashlight passes out too? This app will allow you to run the flashlight on your device anywhere, anytime and on any screen whether on or off.

Download Flashify Android App

So there you have it, the best apps for rooted android serving every purpose and fulfilling every need of yours.

Top 10 Apps for Rooted Android Phone You Must Have
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