Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist To Buy or Sell

The world is progressing so swiftly, that it’s only a matter of time before we can download food right through screens! As time paces on, so do numerous websites that help you purchase items from anywhere around the world and even sell your own items off in a similar procedure! Craigslist is one of these websites, which have made a huge in the industry. Internationally accepted and appraised, Craigslist has 50 billion views monthly from users worldwide. However, more sites like Craigslist now exist.

Best Sites Like Craigslist

The reason behind the formation of more sites is that Craigslist is becoming outdated, and some users have stated that there have been fraudulent dealers on it! sites like Craigslist provide a fresher outlook on the same genre and are promising fairer, better and more exclusive deals. While Craigslist remains topnotch, there are more websites now offering the same and even better. They have made online shopping a dime a dozen. Each website has its own special feature but all the sites like Craigslist are racing towards goodness!

Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist :


Oodle sites like craigslist

Oodle comes up as one of the sites being generated more than a decade ago. Oodle made it big because they don’t focus solely on the advertisements on their own page, but also have features from other sites like Craigslist. eBay, ForRent, BoatTrader and so on are routinely featured on Oodle, which makes it all the more easy to compare and choose.


Gumtree sites like craigslist

Gumtree ranks even older than Oodle and is based in the United Kingdom. It stands out amongst the rest due to its eye-catching illustrations and theme that allow the user to scroll down lists of trendy items. Added to the fancies is a search box, so the user can easily got down what they’re looking for and the items will pop up in a jiff. After a login process on Gumtree, you have an interface of interaction with the seller himself.


adpost sites like craigslist

Sites like Craigslist found a wholesome one in AdPost! It is based in numerous settings all over the globe and you will be duly taken to the advertisements of your own locality so as to keep it easy. There are heaps of ads to scroll through, but all that is worth it because the merchandise is absolutely on point. Up to 3 million users have found solace in AdPost, so we’re pretty sure that you will too!

US FreeAds

USFreeAds sites like craigslist

US FreeAds, as the name signifies, is a website based in the United States of America. The page that opens instantly as you click the site has all the advertisements listed so there’s no extra hassle for you to manage. US FreeAds is a dated website, but is still getting a huge number of views which is proof in itself that there must be something magical that keeps alluring users!

Apartment Therapy

Apartment Therapy sites like craigslist

More than a few viewers are using sites like Craigslist to look for suitable locations to live. Apartment therapy came into existence many years ago, and established itself as a blog of home decor, design pallets, and other information on housing. ‘Marketplace’ is the name they have designated to their page solely meant for home decoration purchasing as well as selling. If you’re looking for some savvy pieces to spice up your house, you’re at the right place when you clicked Apartment therapy.


Monster sites like craigslist

Ever wanted sites like Craigslist that also advertised jobs instead of curtains? Well, Monster brings your dream to reality. This website functions the same as other sites of the same caliber but they feature jobs instead. 70 million views per month is not an easy achievement, but Monster reached that landmark easily because of this inimitability. 30 plus countries around the globe are benefiting from the site and many have found relevant job offers that meet their needs.


OLX sites like craigslist

India can’t stay behind in anything, so it launched OLX. There are millions of ads on it, with people selling everything from domestic cats to Audis on it. The uniqueness of OLX lies in the fact that it doesn’t charge a penny for its services. Feel free to login anytime to purchase anything and everything. After India, Pakistan has also brought forth its own OLX venture.


freeadstime sites like craigslist

FreeAdsTime is making waves in the market because of user-friendly interface and an easy as ABC registration/posting procedure. Although you need an account on FreeAdsTime, it is highly simple to set up and once it’s done, you’re at total liberty to not only shop but post your own advertisements all adorned with snapshots of the merchandise. This may seem like a trivial improvement but it can help sell items in milliseconds.

Classifieds Giant

ClassifiedsGiant sites like craigslist

Classifieds Giants is also in the list of sites like Craigslist, but this is more of a plan B situation. This site needs your exact locality as to offer you the best deals from that area. However, putting your own items stuff for sale may be a little difficult on Classifieds Giants; because it has a tedious procedure.Come Hell Or High Water!


kijiji sites like craigslist

Kijiji is as attention-grabbing as the name itself, based in Canada. It is totally safe and secure, as it necessitates a registration portal with all the details so that you can never be fooled or scammed! Another plus factor to Kijiji is that it allows a tool like messenger to talk to the seller one on one, which tones down the need of talking on call or even being acquainted with the seller in person.Talk about making it out-class!

Final Words

Online shopping took the world by a storm; a storm that hasn’t settled down since it rose and has actually poured down more. Sites like Craigslist are bringing forth a platform where vendors and consumers can talk directly in chat, decide on what they want from each other, and seal the deal! If you’re old school then you can wander to the nearest shop but if you’re lazy or just want the progressing world to consume you, then squelch to online business.

Top 10 Sites Like Craigslist To Buy or Sell
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