Top 10 Best WiziWig Alternative – Sports Streaming Sites like WiziWig

WiziWig came out a few years back as one of the best sports streaming website but met a very sad fate. The English Premier league began having insecurities after the WiziWig website surfaced and soon it led to the ultimate demise of the site as soon as Spanish laws changed. Nonetheless, there are a couple of sites that will serve as perfect WiziWig alternative.

WiziWig Alternative

The top 10 WiziWig Alternatives are at your service:

12th player

12th Player WiziWig Alternative

If you’re a football fanatic, you’ve landed on the correct site. Apart from the news alerts, there are live streaming options as well. While the 12th player site also covers sports like baseball or hockey, its main focus area remains football. The 12th Player is totally free to use, thus you’ll have to bear advertisements.

WiziWig New

WiziWig New

Zero points for originality but we’ve got to cut them some slack because the same creators have fashioned a new website. With an improved interface, and better options, the WiziWig New has resurfaced. What better WiziWig alternative than WiziWig itself!


Atdhe WiziWig Alternative

A website that solely operates in UK and USA is Atdhe. This website isn’t exactly eye candy because it believes in ‘less is more’. However, this factor makes it stand out amongst the rest because the austere, minimal interface allows users to find what they want very easily.


BatmanStream WiziWig Alternative

As the name suggests, the BatmanStream website is based on Batman. Who said WiziWig alternative can’t be creative? The black and yellow theme, coupled with the batman logo on top makes it all the more special. You can put in your local time, and have all the updates timely! The live streaming options will always be amazing.

News Soccer

News Soccer WiziWig Alternative

International soccer games as well as native league games are available on NewsSoccer website to watch. Other than that, data regarding games, fixtures, players etc. is also present here.However, this website is also available in scarce locations.

NFL stream

NFLStream WiziWig Alternative

WiziWig alternative making it big because NFL Stream offer so many sports under one roof. NFL brings forth Football, Tennis, Hockey, Darts, Cycling, Rugby, WWE, Volleyball and much more that you can think of.


Sportp2p WiziWig Alternative

SportP2P website is on the list because of its user-friendliness. Apart from easy as ABC navigation, there are options to browse through different filters. Other than that, upcoming fixtures, tournaments and other sports news is always present.


LiveTV is one of those WiziWig alternative that houses so many sports and harbors so much information that it becomes baffling for the user. The huge range of games, the ultimate news and the streaming options makes it one of the best.


CricFree WiziWig Alternative

Owing to the name, cricket is the main sport that CricFree site features. Nonetheless, there are also other sports that it shows too. Furthermore, it allows the user to tête-à-tête with others and discusses the games and more.




Some WiziWig alternative are a no go in our opinion. There are way too many advertisements and extremely annoying pop ups that keep you flabbergasted. Neither Sports365 is the website too arranged or precisely designed.

Top 10 Best WiziWig Alternative – Sports Streaming Sites like WiziWig
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