Top 10 Best Sites to Read Manga Online

Comics have always been an all-time favorite. May it be the evergreen Archie series, or the all too favorite Batman, comics have sizzling summers more fun and cold winter nights more comfortable. While they may have become super enchanting in the west, Japan cannot stay behind in anything. They have introduced their own line of comics termed ‘Manga’ which have gained popularity not only in Japan but also all around the globe.

Read Manga Online

If you read manga online, you will notice that it’s distinct from the normal comics in the sense that they promote Japanese culture, they target a different audience and the style is also very exclusive. Nonetheless, ardent followers who do not live in Japan have found it increasingly difficult to find manga. Henceforth, there are a couple of sites that serve the purpose.

The top 10 websites to read manga online are as follows:


Bookwalker website

Bookwalker website is also available as an app and it is unfortunately paid. But that’s only because it has a huge repertoire of manga! The books you’ll find will be special editions and those that you cannot find elsewhere. Nonetheless, it is understandable that paying up to 10$ for a single book can be quite infuriating. site to read manga online is totally free of cost. You only need to go through the hassle of registration once and you can access any manga you want. It even remembers your history to give you suggestions on what to read next. More than that, it also has details about upcoming manga. a site that has very user-friendly outlook and has eased its users over time. The best thing about it, is that it’s simple to operate and lets you access manga easily. But, it doesn’t let you download it. You can only read it online.


Comixology website

if you want to read manga online, head to Comixology. Apart from the cool name, it also has a very cool premium plan for barely $6 monthly. You get unlimited manga, as well as other comics because this site is not limited to manga only. It’s worth the money.


Crunchyroll website

Crunchyroll is just like Netflix but for anime. It’s present globally so no need to worry about accessibility, and it’s also very inexpensive ($7 per month) compared to the benefits it offers. The largest collection, without the exasperation of advertisements. website will let you read manga online for free, and will also throw in anime if you’re interested in that. Moreover, each manga posting has a summary next to it so as to let you decide if you want to read it or not. website

Pandas are absolutely adorable and so is this site Being completely free of any malware, spyware and vicious viruses, you’re sure to fall in love with the simple as ABC interface. Read your beloved manga and enjoy! website

Do you want to read manga online but only classics? Or want to access the latest manga that has been published by newbies? Zingbox has both these categories to cater each of these users.


ComicWalker website

ComicWalker website is straight out of Japan itself so you can imagine the authenticity. They have a limited yet amazing collection which doesn’t cost you a penny to read manga online.

Weekly shonen jump

Weekly shonen jump website

All that glitters may not be gold, but all things glazed are definitely keepers! Weekly shonen jump either delivers a brand new glazed, glossy manga magazine to your doorstep or lets you download a digital version of it. It comes at a price, but hey, it’s worth every cent.

Top 10 Best Sites to Read Manga Online
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