Top 10 Best Anime Apps for Android 2018

Japan has been bringing itself out in almost every field possible. Their competence coupled with the passion of entertainment gave birth to anime, which has not only taken Japan up by a storm but has also appealed to viewers all around the globe. Anime is distinct from regular cartoons thanks to its characteristic characters, the intriguing storylines and the matchless illustrations. It was definitely a challenge for followers outside of Japan to gain access to anime, but with the advent of technology anime apps have surfaced and have brought forth the genre to a masses of people.

Best Anime Apps

Here are the top 10 Anime Apps:


Viewster Anime App

Viewster is a totally free anime app that you can download and watch anime on. The plus side is that there is no cost and the interface is easy as ABC. The downside, however, is that since the site is not solely dedicated to anime, the collection is pretty meager. It also occupies a large number of films, documentaries and TV series.


Netflix Anime App

Well, back to square one, eh? If you have paid for a Netflix registration already, why look for other anime apps? The repertoire is large enough to suffice your anime craving and you’ll watch it in HD too! A double thumbs up for this site.

Naruto Shippuden

Naruto made it big and Naruto made it heavy. People all over the world are aware of this name; hence the app is dedicated to it exclusively. All the series are available here, but you have to pay for them if you don’t like ads interrupting you.


Another one in free anime apps is animania. You can not only watch as much anime as you desire, but you can also download it to permanently stay on your device. But here comes the awful part; it is not accessible through App stores and needs to be downloaded via other proxies. Furthermore, it is said to be experiencing expired links and other technical problems nowadays.

Anime TV

Anime TV app has a huge collection of shows, and they have the property of either having subtitles (not everyone understands Japanese) or even dubbing (English and other languages so everyone can comprehend). And we haven’t even told you the best part yet! It costs nothing.

Anime Crave

Even anime apps compete with each other to get better and better, and Anime Crave is way up the list. They offer not only anime shows but also allow you to download anime backgrounds for the device, anime music for yourself and anime trailers for upcoming series. That’s not all; this app supports iOS as well as Android, PC coupled with Amazon Fire! The icing to the cake is that as you use this app you get ‘points’ which can be used to get additional benefits.


You know what’s cooking in this lab for sure. There are loads of shows that you can watch for free, and the only price you pay is that you have to watch advertisements throughout.

Download AnimeLab App


Reminisicin about an old anime episode that touched your heart? anime apps will take you back in time to watch a classic, and there’s not better app than Funimation for it. The free version will have limited ones, while the paid one will give you access to loads more.

Download Funimation App

Watch Anime

Another free app in the list, from where you can download anime as well as watch it online. However, neither the outlook nor the lack of subtitles has impressed users.


They say save the best for the last, and in anime apps Crunchyroll definitely wins. The qualities it has range from a huge collection, to subtitles on the entire series, to a user friendly interface, to a free series and a premium upgrade. All the anime you want can be seen in HD, and it even has manga to read! Win-win situation indeed.

Download Crunchyroll App

Top 10 Best Anime Apps for Android 2018
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