Top 10 Alternatives Sites Like Zmovie

Going to a cinema and watching a movie may not be fun for everyone. Likewise, a lot of people don’t find time to watch a television series because the time it airs is not suitable for them. However, this better be the least of worries because sites like Zmovie exist. Possibly every film or TV series you like is present here free to watch. They are enlisted in categories ranging from action to romance to sport and so on, and you can search for it easily. There are short blurbs given on the side so that you can read what the movie is about if you want to try out a new one. The problem arises when Zmovie is down, or isn’t working for some reason. Don’t fret; here are the top 10 alternatives to the site:

Sites Like Zmovie

10 Sites Like Zmovie


NewMoviesOnline website has a large repertoire of movies for users to watch, and that too in excellent quality. There are triple ways to look up a film so you’re at an advantage if you don’t know the exact name. First up, you can search for it in the search bar if you’re sure. Second, if you know the release date/year you can look it up by that. Lastly, there are genre divisions like action, romance, musical etc. which makes it all the simpler to locate the movie.

The WatchSeries


Another perfect alternative of Zmovie because it holds a huge collection of movies. But that’s not all; it also harbors almost every TV show that has ever been aired. It allows you to watch, share, download and enjoy them for absolutely free.


WatchFree site is super cool because it has all the details of the movie alongside. When it was released, the actors starring in it, the production company, the director, the reviews it got, and a short blurb regarding the film’s storyline. For ardent movie lovers, or potential movie makers, this is a dream site.

My Download Tube


MyDownloadTube new in the market, but has managed to make its way to the top thanks to its exceptional quality movies. Not to mention, it doesn’t cost you a single penny.



At current, Archive has the supreme buildup of about a whopping 2.4 million videos and films and 2.8 million music tracks. Do we need to say anything more about this?


The next Zmovie substitute is Vumoo. As interesting the name, as spectacular the site. People are calling it the next Netflix, and once you open the website you’ll understand why. The crisp and clean interface is a consumer heaven, and the user friendly outlook allures you to stay on this site forever.



DivxCrawler one’s more like PirateBay and other such sites, because apart from movies it also brings about software, music clips and other materials that aren’t so easily available otherwise. The coolest thing though is that the downloaded movies can be watched on your personal computer, copied to DVD or Blu-Ray for rerun on an apt player, or relocated to a USB drive for Smart TV or support rerun.



Fullmoviesfreedownload site allows users to download videos and movies in English, as well as their native languages such as Chinese, Hindi etc.


IceFilms is a wonderful alternative to Zmovie, but has a little glitch. Many of the movies necessitate the ICE Quick Stream and it is also mandatory to get the DivX Player correspondingly.


Putlocker2 been there for so long that people have forgotten it still operates. This is a new version, and works as amazing as the old one.

Top 10 Alternatives Sites Like Zmovie
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