Updated Latest Version Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC Windows

The Nox App Player Pokemon Go is a light and a fluent running Android Emulator for PC’s having windows operating system. You can have the fun of playing android games on the big screen of your windows PC, like playing Pokemon Go. You will feel comfortable and at ease with its performance and in all other aspects. In Nox App Player, the user can head directly to Google Play Store for installation of any android software and avoid the hesitation of downloading from any other third party app store. If you want to play android games like Pokemon Go on windows PC then follow the method given below:

If Google Play Store does not have some applications or games, then do not be irritated because all you have to do is to simply download the required software’s apk file through Nox App Player or on your computer or laptop having windows Vista, Xp, 7, 8, 8.1 or 10.

Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC


For making the usage and in-app navigation easy, the Nox App Player comes with step by step tips to operate and it makes everything simple for you. If you want to have more fun with playing games then external controllers can also be connected as Nox Android App Player also supports that. The function to back up the data is also available along with restoring the data and turning on and off of root mood is also one click away. With all of these features in one emulator, you can try it once and it is guaranteed that your experience of using this will not lead you to dissatisfaction. So, if you are going to install Nox app player then you can follow the installation process given below which is complete and precise to install it in your laptop, computer having windows Vista, XP, and 7/8/8.1/10.

Noticeable Features in Nox App Player Pokemon Go for PC:

  • You can open more than one window easily in Nox App Player emulator and working in multiple windows is also really smooth.
  • You can back up all of your data in Nox App Player and can use it later for recovery.
  • Furthermore, root mode options are also available in Nox App Player which means you can turn root mode on or off with one single click.
  • Take pictures, capture videos and take screenshots at any time you want in Nox app player.
  • Even emulators are supported with tips to operate them for enhanced in-app navigation.

Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC 1

Updated Latest Version Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC Windows:

Make sure to check the configuration and minimum requirements to run Nox Android App Player before proceeding to downloading Nox pokemon go. If your system fulfills the requirements to run Nox app player then ensure that speed of internet connection that you are using is good as it will be faster to install if internet speed is good. After that, you can check the installation steps given below for Nox Andoid App Player to be installed on your system and then also follow the steps about how to install Pokemon Go by using nox app android emulator.

  1. First of all, Nox Andoid App Player’s Offline Installer should be downloaded from its official website. However you can download it by using thsi link.
  2. After download completion of Offline Installer, open it. Then a window will appear which that will need your permission in order to continue installation, simply click yes on it.
  3. At last, Nox Android App Player’s files will start to install on your system, after completion launch the app player and sync it with your Google account.
  4. After finishing it, Nox App Player will be absolutely ready to get started.
  5. Now download Pokemon Go APK updated Version latest free on your windows PC.
  6. Now drag Pokemon Go APK file on your Nox App Player, Now it takes few seconds for successful installation.

The installation of Nox Andoid App Player for playing Pokemon Go in Windows is complete now and you can have all the fun by using your apps, and playing games with superb display quality. Share with your friends about this great app player and do not forget about sharing this post link with them.

Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC


Download Nox Android App Player for Playing Pokemon Go in Windows Vista, XP, 10/8.1/8/7 PC (32/64 Bit)

If you have been a fan of Pokemon show then you know that catching pokemons is so much fun and now it is possible in reality as well. The gaming and smartphone market was surprised by the launch of new Pokemon Go game not too long ago by a company named Niantic. The date on which this game was released on iOS and Android operating system is 6th of July in year 2016 and since then it maintained a cloud of surprise on people. Now people use to out on streets and other sites to catch pokemons. People’s interest in this game is far from over and some people also compare it with Virtual Reality. This game received a large number of downloads and now the number of players playing this game exceeds 500 million. People, in order to catch the pokemons, travel from one place to another. Even though this game, Pokemon Go, is not completely released yet, but the influence it had on people who never left their home before is remarkable.

Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC

Special Features of Pokemon Go and Installation in PC by Using Nox Android App Player Offline Install:

  1. Game uses Virtual Reality to show Pokemon’s picture in real life
  2. Players have the feeling of reality when they have to walk some distance without using any vehicle to get into another player’s game walk.
  3. The game becomes more interesting when people have to go to the specific places to find specific pokemons, for example a water pokemons exists near a water body (river, sea).
  4. The game makes you to go out and search for pokemons, which is a really good excuse of going out for a walk.
  5. Team battles are also available in Pokemon Go, by using that the users can call from a challenge to their friends.
  6. You can visualize Pokemons in real world via your camera.
  7. Increase in the combate power of your Pokemon is also possible through evolution

Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC

Playing Pokemon Go in Nox Android App Player for Windows

In order to play the game, you need to make an account first and then you have to customize the avatar for gameplay. The avatar you had created will be used as the identity of the player. This avatar will be used to show the geographical location of one user to other users worldwide. The map contains many Pokemons, stops where you can train your pokemon, and gyms. The players need to move physically to change their avatar’s geographical location inside the game. The most interesting feature of Pokemon GO is that, different types of Pokemons are found at different places. If you want to catch the pokemon then all you have to do is to swipe the screen up in the game to drop a Pokeball. And if player is successful in catching that pokemon then he attains right to keep that Pekemon. There are two kinds of currencies in the game that can be used to enhance the combat abilities of your beloved Pokemon. However, this game is completely free all over the world. Besides that players need to make purchases to buyPokeballs to catch the pokemons and other in-app items. Experiene points are also awarded to the player which results in increase in stages of playing game. You can join Pokemon gym of your choice and get together with team you like when you reach the level 5 in Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go in Nox App Player – Release and after Release Reaction in Different Countries:

On 6th July of 2016, Pokemon Go was launched in countries like United States America, Australia and America. On july 13, this game was launched in European countries. The first country in whole Aisa who received the Pokemon GO game was none other than Indonesia. Slowly, this game was launched in all over the globe it soon became best game in Family category in year 2016. Download numbers increased day after day and it became famous very quickly. It broke the record of most downloaded game in the history which was Clash Royale, hence becoming the most downloaded game ever. Moreover, it earner one billion dollar revenue in 2017 and became the fastest application to achieve this feat.

Nox App Player and Pokemon Go Game: How popular it is and downloads Worldwide

This game became popular quickly all over the world and as a result it came at the top of the list in most downloaded applications in play store of Google and application store of iOS. It has become most popular game ever in the world and five hundred million downloads shows us why. It is said that almost five percent of mobile devices had Pokemon Go installed within two days after its launch. It is the fastest app ever to do so, but the number of users declined as the developers could not keep up with changes in new features.

Pokemon Go is still ever interesting for ones who love to play games and user of any smartphone worldwide after storming the smartphone and game market after the launch. The game experienced a decreasing trend in its popularity but now developers of this game are stepping up to include new features and make their way to the top. One can say that it is best ever hi-tech game of this generation. It is highly expected that you have already downloaded the Nox Android App Player and Pokemon Go Game.

Updated Latest Version Nox App Player Pokemon Go For PC Windows
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