How to Use Tinder Without Facebook (Working Methods)

Gone are the days when your sister matched you up with a handsome hunk across the street or your best friends set you up with the sweetest girl from college on a double date! In this fast progressing world, everything has become ‘online’ and dating has also stepped up a notch with the coolest apps that let you find a date accustomed to your desires.

use tinder without facebook

Tinder is one such site that has gotten critical acclaim, and harbors thousands of profiles of people looking for potential dates. However, a lot of people are highly concerned about their privacy, which is very ironic, since you’re putting yourself out for dating. Tinder only lets you create an account if you have a Facebook profile, and Tinder without Facebook is unheard of. But why is that so?

Tinder makes use of your Facebook profile only for your own good and this is how:

1. It ensures that the person on board has a Facebook account because his makes it certain that the person is ‘genuine’ and really a person. It helps in authenticating that you’re dating a person who’s not a scam, fraud or anything else suspicious.

2. Helps create a better match because Tinder without Facebook cannot have as much information as it can with Facebook. Because then it can deduce your likes, your interests, your location and much more to find a person that has the same likes as yours.

3. It helps Tinder create your profile without the hassle of having you to input your details again and again because it’ll be automatically up taken from Facebook.

However, it is also a shortcoming sometimes, thus Tinder without Facebook can also be an option:

1. If your Facebook account is connected, Tinder matches start showing up your mutual friends. Imagine your un-coolest cousin pop up as a match! Yuck.

2. Tinder will show up your name on its site so all your friends know that you’re on tinder. Some people want to maintain this as secrecy because of obvious reasons but that’s a huge no-no when it comes to this Tinder Facebook relationship.

3. Privacy breech. Letting tinder know all about you via Facebook is a little scary for some users, however, trusting either party is a problem isn’t it?

Using Tinder without Facebook:

A lot of people, therefore, want to use Tinder but don’t want any link whatsoever to their Facebook profile. This not only keeps your privacy intact but also keeps you safe in the circle of new people you want to meet rather than your own mutual friends. The simplest ways are:

Step 1 : Create a new Facebook profile. Simply make a new profile to have Tinder without Facebook. Upload your pictures and your true information because fake details can become a problem when you meet your match in real life, and they find out you’re not exactly who you thought they were.

Step 2: Go to your existing Facebook profile and retort to settings. Go to app settings and set Tinder to ‘only me’. This way your pals won’t know that you’re looking for dates.

facebook settings option

tinder privacy on facebook

Step 3: Do the same procedure on Tinder. Go to the app, and then settings. Set them such that you’re not on Social tinder profile anymore and no one can link your accounts publically. Problem solved!

tinder settings

Step 4: Make sure you screen and skim though you Facebook before opting to make a Tinder profile. Lessen down your friends, tone down too many check-ins and add further precautionary measures to the scene so that whatever information is revealed to tinder, it’s only that you can afford to lose.

Extreme case:

The extreme case that you do not have Facebook profile and yet want to create Tinder cannot be solved yet. There is absolutely no way around it, any shortcut or hidden illegal way through which you can have Tinder without Facebook. You necessitate a Facebook account.

How to Use Tinder Without Facebook (Working Methods)
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