Top 20+ Great Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 for Windows 10/8.1/7

RainMeter – The best skinning software

Yes, skinning sounds a bit weird but this is just the best way to describe what you can actually do with the windows operating systems today. You can skin down their default interface and skin a totally new interface of your choice. RainMeter is asoftware which allows its users to completely change the look and feel of their default interface of windows 10, 8.1, 7.  It’s easier than ever. There is no need of installing a bunch load of softwares first, just one download which gives you a variety of skins and themes to choose from. So now there is no havoc is customized your desktop and you can get rid of the old and boring appearance of your desktops. Get new notifications bars, variously shaped icons, new themes and much more.

Best RainMeter Skins Themes

Best RainMeter Skins Themes

RainMeter can be downloaded directly from its official website or Click Here. RainMeter offers a great variety of Skin Themes for Windows 8, 8.1,7 and 10. Below is given the list of the top RainMeter skins for the year 2018 along with a bit of description.

Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 for Windows

1. Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 skin themes

Video games make up for great Skin Themes because kids today worship these games. Video games with superheroes, cars, action and etc. are enjoyed by boys mostly around the world. Battle field 3 is a shooter video game which is very famous throughout the world. Creating a skin theme relating to it was a great idea that RainMeter had, which is why Battle field 3 the top rated skin theme of the year. This is skin gives customized look to your desktop. The side bar is shifted to the right side of the screen which can be customized by adding various apps and shortcuts. Widgets and gadgets are also customized; the appearance of clocks have shifted from the old and boring to the new and creative way. The whole screen looks like a battlefield and gives a very attractive look which is why this skin theme is best for those who use their computers mostly to play video games because this adds extra visual effects to the screen and gives a natural feel.

Download Battle Field 3 Theme

2. Jarvis and shield

Jarvis and shield skin themes

Superheroes today are the love of everyone. Every teenage boy or girl has a superhero as their role models. If iron man is yours then it is for sure that you would require an iron man theme for your desktop. Jarvis and shield RainMeter theme is entirely based on the iron man. Your desktop will look like the desktop of the ironman in the movie. Widgets and gadgets shaped as wheels, pulleys, screws and etc. Icons shaped as space crafts and much more excited items are present in this theme.

Download Jarvis and shield Theme

3. Windows 2019

Windows 2019 skin themes

Windows 2019 theme is a very popular theme amongst who like to have everything present on their desktop. Windows 2019 theme offers wide range of icon styles to choose from. The notification bars, taskbar, windows button, everything can be adjusted according to your needs. All your folders, programs, icon can be displayed on the screen in the most efficient way. Everything can be reached in a second in the glimpse of an eye. Weather updates, backgrounds, screen savers and everything can be adjusted and customized to give it a new look and feel.

Download Windows 2019 theme

4. Darkness Falls

Darkness Falls skin themes

There are a lot of people that prefer a darker theme while others prefer a bright and shiny theme. If you are one of the few people that like dark better than light then Darkness Falls is the best theme for you. Darkness Falls theme is entirely based on the idea of night time. Backgrounds and screen savers give a dark and gloomy look. Widgets, notification bars, task bars, icons and wallpapers can be adjusted to a darker mode. A switch at the below panel works as an on off switch which makes it easier for the user to interact with the device and making is easier to with on and off the device. Darkness Falls theme is the easiest and the most compatible one to use.

Download Darkness Falls theme

5. Obsidian

Obsidian skin themes

If you are obsessed with having everything arranged then Obsidian is the best theme for you. Obsidian theme is just like designing an interior of the house but instead of the house you are designed and renovating your desktop PC. Obsidian RainMeter skin theme is very user friendly and makes it easier for a person to access everything. All icons are arranged in a step like structure. The extras and arranged in a straight line at the left side of the screen with the taskbar is located at the top. All this can be customized according to your needs. You can add or delete icons, create a congested step or a more open step appearance on the main screen. This skin theme gives a very bright and luxurious look to your PC.

Download Obsidian Theme

6. Mass effect skin

Mass effect skin themes

If science and space is your area of interest then Mass Effect Skin is a recommended theme for you. Mass Effect theme gives aero effect to your main screen, creating visual effects that make you feel like you are in space. Wouldn’t that feeling be wonderful. Working in a comfortable and enjoyed place would make the work also seem interesting. Mass Effect theme allows you to change the styles, icons, fonts, sizes, widgets, gadgets, bars and so on. Everything can be changed into an aero effect. The whole appearance on the interface is transformer into an aero effect. Mass Effect theme is one of the most recommended RainMeter skin themes.

Download Mass Effect theme

7. End of the World

End of the World skin themes

Destruction of the world is an imaginary idea. End of the World theme is entirely based upon imagination which makes it even more cool and exciting. End of the World theme gives you a feeling like the world has destroyed and maybe you are the only survivor. The wallpapers are based upon destructive images; lava is dripping from the top of the screen. It appears as the whole world I being destroyed right in front of you. You apps and icon can be sitting on a lava mountain while your weather gadget appearing as a burning sun. End of the World RainMeter theme gives the visual effects regarding the idea of the end of the world. Everything just like on other themes can be customized and there is a great range of variety to choose from.

Download End of the World Theme

8. Pog Pack

Pog Pack skin themes

If you enjoy tools and gadgets then Pog Pack is the theme for you. Pog Pack theme gives cluster look to your main screen. Everything that needs to be excessed can be done directly from the main screen. Icon and apps clustered around the main instrument in the middle of the screen. This customized look for your desktop is gallant. It allows you change everything that appears on your screen into a gadget or instrument. It might sometimes appear as the dashboards of racing cars with many buttons and weird looking wheels.

Download Pog Pack theme

9. My RainMeter Desktop

My RainMeter Desktop

My RainMeter Desktop theme gives a vast variety of options to choose from. My RainMeter Desktop theme gives a universal visual effect to the interface so one can expect his icons appearing as planets and the wallpapers to be images of galaxies. The weather widget flying is the corner giving a more natural look. You can customize toolbars, taskbars and side bars according to your needs. My RainMeter Desktop theme is very easy to use and also much easy to download and apply to your desktop. This single RainMeter skin theme gives you a chance to experience life in space.

Download My RainMeter Desktop theme

10. Horde

Horde skin themes

If you are into classics then try this theme out. Horde is a very classic theme which gives your PC’s interface a very classic look. You can change the style, fonts, sizes and shapes of your widgets and icons. Everything appears in a classy way in Horde RainMeter skin theme. Try this out and enjoy the classiness of it.

Download Horde theme

11. Space

Space skin themes

People around the world have a love for space. Space is so huge and vast that all of it cannot be studies. If your basic focus is ‘space’ then Space is your theme. Imagine flying rockets and spaceships on your main screen. RainMeter has made this imagination into reality by launching the space theme. Everything is in it related to space. You can customize almost everything to give it the so called ‘spacy’ look. Space theme gives a very unique feeling in the dark when your desktop is shining in the dark. Download Space skin theme to experience space.

Download Space Theme

12. Galaxy suite RainMeter

galaxy suite rainmeter

The name gives the idea of the RainMeter skin. Galaxy suite RainMeter theme is based upon the galaxies of the world. As the galaxies are infinite just like that the choices for customization are infinite in Galaxy suite RainMeter theme. Your wallpapers appear as the inside of a galaxy with icons appearing as stars while the widgets and apps being the meteors. This changes the overall look of your interface.

Download Galaxy suite RainMeter Theme

13. Switchin

Switchin Skins Themes

Switchin is also a classic theme that provides the best graphical user interface. It is easy to access and understand. Switchin theme gives you everything on the main screen which makes it easier to access. One doesn’t have to look for apps and icons in the messed up desktop. Instead the whole main screen in organized a very architecture way. The taskbar is shifted on the top which displays all the notifications and icons pinned to it. Switchin theme can be easily downloaded from the RainMeter.

Download Switchin Theme

14. Eker Lina RainMeter

Eker Lina RainMeter Skin Themes

Eker Lina RainMeter theme provides a contrast of green and black on your main screen. The black color of the widgets against the green background makes the clarity of the widgets and icons much greater. Eker Lina RainMeter theme gives a very astonishing look and feel to your desktop. Eker Lina RainMeter theme is very spacious as it is simple and has no extra visual effects on the side. Everything is gathered in the middle which allows the user to place anything on the desktop, weather widget, notification tool bar, Google search and so on.

Download Eker Lina RainMeter Theme

15. Encoded

Encoded Skin Themes

Encoded theme is a colored interface. Encoded theme is a collection of four main colors; black, red, grey and white. This provides the screen with a very gallant and luxurious look. Encoded theme also makes it easier of the user to identify where each item is as the screen is divides into 4 sections so each can be used for one kind. Widgets could be placed in black area while icons in the red and so on. This skin theme gives you an easier way to access music from your library by providing a music widget to your screen. This combination of color schemes makes your screen look extraordinary and very much personalized.

Download Encoded Theme

16. Pileus Suite

Pileus Suite Skin Themes

Pileus Suite theme is so amazing that it can’t be described in words. One needs to install it to enjoy the feeling that it provides. Pileus Suite RainMeter theme is based on artistic effects. Pileus Suite theme gives a CPU usage at the side of the screen which makes it look even more luxurious. The icons and widgets are like splashes of paints. This in whole gives your interface a prismatic visual effect.

Download Pileus Suite Theme

17. Moon Glow

Moon Glow Skin Themes

There is nothing better than nature. Moon Glow theme provides its user which a very natural and extraordinary moonlight visual effect. All icons and widgets in Moon Glow RainMeter skin theme appears as glowing balls in the moonlight which makes them look very cool. Time, weather, temperature, clocks and other widgets and gadgets can be added to the screen and customized accordingly.

Download Moon Glow Theme

18. Morph

Morph Skin Themes

Classic and abstract when mixed together give a very gallant look. Morph RainMeter theme is a collection of classic and abstract idea. The classic theme with abstract icons appearing on it makes the desktop in a shelf or tray like appearance look amazing. You can customize all the icons, widgets, sidebars, screens, wallpapers and windows according to your needs and desire. You can change colors and fonts of the widgets and icons.

Download Morph Theme

19. Before Dawn

Before Dawn Skin Themes

Watching the sunset and the sunrise gives a very calm and satisfying feeling. Before Dawn RainMeter skin theme is based upon the timings of dawn. The color scheme is all that you see during the dawn time. The icons and bars are fully equipped. Everything is fully organized on the screen in a very organized way. System usage, notifications, apps, icons, storage space and much more can all be seen in the glimpse of the eye.

Download Before Dawn Theme

20. ABP

ABP Skin Themes

ABP theme gives a block like appearance to the screen. Every part of the screen is dived into various blocks which all contain different categorizes. The left side block will be showing all the gadgets that are active. Just like that various blocks will show various aspect of the screen. Everything is visible and easier to access in ABP RainMeter skin theme. It saves time and is very user friendly. Download ABP theme to enjoy the easiness that it proves.

Download ABP Theme

Top 20+ Great Rainmeter Skins Themes 2018 for Windows 10/8.1/7
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