10 Best Free Android Games That Don’t Need Wifi

Games without wifi have your back when you’re sitting somewhere bored to your roots and have no patience left. There is more than one game that’ll keep you happily busy.

Android Games without wifi

Free Android Games Without Wifi 2018

1. Badland Android Game

Badland Android Game

Badland has to be one of the most interesting game without wifi. Badland bases itself in an enchanting forest, which is on the verge of a calamity. You are the person required to discover what exactly is befalling the forest. Only after crossing the most ingenious deceptions and hurdles, will you get the answer to your queries! The interface, visualizations and alluring sounds will keep you addicted. The most amazing games without wifi offer are so you can have 4 players playing simultaneously. You may team up and uncover the truth at various levels or you can become nemesis and fight off the others!

Free Download Badland Android Game

2. Minecraft Pocket Edition Android Game

Minecraft Pocket Edition Android Game

Next in games without wifi is Minecraft pocket edition. You get four materials i.e. sand, stones, dirt and bricks and you can make your own entire world using these basic blocks. You can also use various levels in the game to your liking and collect blocks for your rainy days. It’s not all fun and games because there are villains lurking around every corner ready to turn your game upside down! Games without wifi are really helping you unleash the inner architect in you!

Free Download Minecraft Pocket Edition Android Game

3. Shadow Fight 2 Android Game

Shadow Fight 2 Android Game

Time to bring some much needed action in your life with games without wifi! Shadow figt 2 will provide this exact experience to you. The story of this game goes as follows: A guy is left with only his shadow and misplaced his body, as he was trying to fight off bad guys trying to take over his house. The sole purpose of his life now is to get the meanest moves, kung fu kicks and gymnastics up his sleeve to go to the end of the world and get his body back.  The bad guys in games without wifi will keep on coming at every way of the game and you’ll need skill to go through the course.

Free Download Shadow Fight 2 Android Game

4. Infinity Loop Android Game

Infinity Loop Android Game

Games without wifi bring in Infinity loop. You will get numerous oddly shaped curves and loops and you need to keep adding them together in the form of an ‘infinite loo’ that has no discontinuities in between. On the other hand of the spectrum, you can also play this game the other way around. You will get a huge loop that needs to be deciphered into smaller parts that are whole on their own. As you jump from level to level, you will start noticing the difficulty and complexity of games without wifi to be increasing. Nonetheless, the game is focused on helping you to unwind all the stress of your life as you unwind the loops!

Free Download Infinity Loop Android Game

5. Asphalt 8 Airborne Android Game

Asphalt 8 Airborne Android Game

Asphalt 8 in games without wifi is a popular name, since it is based on one thing that gamers love the most; cars! The amazing visuals, the eye-catching cars, the thrilling speed are all something that make the game more appealing to a larger audience. The newfangled version of the games without wifi Asphalt 8 has stepped up its purpose by bring in airplane vehicles, new levels, more cars and additional features. The aim is pretty simple; you need to keep winning races in order to win pennies that’ll help you buy more merchandise for your car. Though its an offline game, you need to have internet if you want a two player contest.

Free Download Asphalt 8 Airborne Android Game

6. Despicable Me Android Game

Despicable Me Android Game

Despicable me was a movie that won hearts all around the globe. It is no wonder that games without wifi have this game on top! But don’t take it easy! Your ultimate race is against the minions and you have to pass all sorts of hurdles by leaping, rising and falling, fudging, running at top speed and collecting bananas! The visuals are to die for because they go through the exact same places that are show in the movies. Make sure you also fight off nemesis as they try to stop you.

Free Download Despicable Me Android Game

7. Six Guns: Gang Showdown Android Game

Six Guns Gang Showdown Android Game

The next remarkable game in games without wifi is the Six guns: Gang showdown! This mega action based game has you based in the ultimate shooting experience in the west side wilderness. You’ll face the most heinous of cowboys, the worst of thieves, the most alarming vampires and what not. As you go on each level, you have various artilleries up your sleeve as well as tricks that’ll help you overthrow your enemies. Games without wifi definitely earned a good one here!

Free Download Six guns: Gang Showdown Android Game

8. Plant vs Zombies 2 Android Game

Plant vs Zombies 2 Android Game

Plants Vs Zombies 2 is now in the market. Ever thought about the role of plants in providing us with oxygen? Well, here the plants are fighting off the most malicious of zombies to avert them from invading your home, your body and your brain. The corns act as super projectiles; the watermelons sacrifice themselves on the zombies! This game became the top game on computers before being introduced as games without wifi. You will enjoy the game a lot because not only will you be becoming a hero but also having a good old laugh.

Free Download Plant vs Zombies 2 Android Game

9. Hill Climb Racing 2 Android Game

Hill Climb Racing 2 Android Game

Games without wifi initially had Hill Climb, but they have now brought forth a more fun version of the game. This one not only has upgraded cars and settings, but also has insane car tricks like flipping back, jumping and others to help move forward.

Free Download Hill Climb Racing 2 Android Game

10. Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Android Game

Brain It On Physics Puzzles Android Game

Ever thought your brain is getting rusty by all these boring everyday chores? Games without wifi introduce the ever compelling Physics Puzzles. It’s not at all nerdy; but it takes ultimate brain power, aptitude, talent and ingenuity to solve all those puzzles provided. As you go further, the tasks become even more challenging.

Free Download Brain It On! – Physics Puzzles Android Game

These cool games without wifi will have you addicted to your device for hours at end and you’ll forget day and night whilst you play!

10 Best Free Android Games That Don’t Need Wifi
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