How to Check who viewed your Facebook Profile (Working Methods)

Living in this ever so changing world, one has to be up to fate on everything especially social media. While the world has become a global village thanks to Facebook, there still isn’t an official way on how to see who viewed your Facebook Profile! Come on, don’t be shy, everyone has their brain tingling around the fact that people might be viewing their facebook profile but they don’t know. Let’s go through some ways on how to decipher this mystery single handedly!

Method 1: How to see who viewed your Facebook via Chrome extensions:

Step 1: Simply open Google chrome and go to Chrome Web Store.

Chrome Web Store


Step 2: You’ll have to search for a extension ‘social profile view notification’ here and click Add to Chrome.

social profile view notification

who views facebook profile extension

Step 3: Now Log onto your Facebook account and scroll over to the blue navigation bar. Here you will see a new option that says ‘visitors/viewers’. Open it anytime to see who came to your profile!

who viewed your facebook profile

Step 4: Tadaa! How to see who viewed your Facebook cannot become easier!

Take note that the large majority of extensions available will only rob you off your Facebook password and other information. So make sure you only use the authenticated ones to check out who viewed your profile.

Method 2: How to see who viewed your Facebook via browsers:

Step 1: Log onto Facebook and go to your profile.

Step 2: Right click and see the view page source option. Click on it.

View Page Source

Step 3: A huge page with writings will open up. Don’t be alarmed; only click control + F to open the find bar. Write Initialchatfriendslist here and Search.


Step 4: You will reach the writing where this is written and see some numbers adjacent to it. Copy those numbers onto to see the people who viewed your profile recently.

Step 5: How to see who viewed your Facebook is easy as ABC through this technique but if it’s totally reliable is not something we’d vouch for.

Method 4: How to see who viewed your Facebook via Android App:

Step 1: Go to Play store on your device and download the app called “who viewed my profile’.

Step 2: Open the app and login with your Facebook details.


Step 3: Wait for a few minutes till it does its magic.

Step 4: The list of people who viewed your profile in recent times will show up atomically!

Method 4: How to see who viewed your Facebook on iPhone:

iOS users feel at loss when Play store brings out some of these cool as ever apps. But Social fan is one such app for iOS that’ll be a dream come true. This will give you all the juiciest information on How to see who viewed your Facebook. Nonetheless, it’s not a free app so you’ll need to spend some extra bucks to find out!

Download Social Fan App on iPhone

Well, there you have it. Some easy peezy lemon squeezy methods of fining out whether your ex has been checking you out or the hottest girls from college are into you or not! Share with your friends as well to have extra fun!

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