Top 50+ Best Skyrim Console Commands

Skyrim Console Commands – Since Skyrim is no doubt one of the best PC games available in which are certain missions to fight for. Skyrim is a high end game with lots of missions and levels to complete. Skyrim is also one of the few high tech and easiest ever games for PC/laptop. After some time when you are used to it, Skyrim console most often becomes too much boring and repetitive just because of to its limited features. But you don’t need to be worried about that because there is always a way, through that you can easily increase the game features and its capability by adding various different types of available mods in it. However for your kind information there are almost 100 and may be above 100 mods that are essential to increase Skyrim’s capacity. So if you want an out of-the-box experience then you can add these mods to improve its features. Though adding those modes to this game is not as much complicated as you might be thinking it. But we have tried here our best to help you out and mentioned some 50+ Skyrim Console Commands in this article. Moreover you may thinking how these Console Commands are of any help in this game. Well these Skyrim Console Commands are basically a type of cheat codes like we ones often use in GTA vice city game as well, so we also apply these mods for certain advantages, upgrade or increase the specification features accordingly. Hence use of these commands of Skyrim will add some special features to increase stability and longevity that will help you to finish more missions instantly with some amazing fun created by these Skyrim Console commands.

Skyrim Console Commands

In fact Skyrim game has been out for many of game lovers for a long time, as by now it is quite possible that many of you have finished the game. It’s without any doubt an amazing game with some unique, exciting quests and foes. Therefore in order to make more out of this most popular game, skyrim console commands can make more improvement in the quality of the game surroundings. So if you want to know the name of the mods that which mods will help in your game we have got the best Skyrim Console Commands in this article. Let’s just have a look on below points and carefully read those to know more in details.

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Process for Using the Skyrim Console Commands?

First of all in order to use these mentioned Skyrim Console Commands, you have to press “~” Key on your keyboard located just below the “Esc” key or on the left of numeric “1” Key. On pressing that key you will get the console of Developer that will display on your screen. Now it is that screen where you have to execute all the below mentioned listed some 50+ best skyrim console commands one by one. Hope you get that, Right?

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List of 50 Best Skyrim Console Commands to Add Features in Skyrim Game

Since now you know that how to execute skyrim console commands and the use of these commands will definitely add extra beauty and add more features to make this game more exciting than ever before.

  • Toggle Immortal Mode: (TIM) to avail this mod you just have to type only “TIM” on Console. This command will convert your characters immortal. Such that it will take damage but cannot ever die.
  • Kill Target Mod: (kill): For this mod you have to type “kill” on the command console. Now when this mod will be activated then with only simple command, killing any target is certainly possible.
  • Add gold to Inventory: (player.additem 0000000f # # #): On this same way type this command also “player.additem 00000f 1000”. This great command will allow to everything you want to change in wallet, like you can get unlimited amount of gold that is something like you can add 1000 units of gold at once.
  • Lock: Use this code which will make the items like doors, people or chests to be locked. In in mode, you can also choose the difficulty level that can vary from 0-100.
  •  Unlock:by using this code you can either open a case, door or chest. But you mustneed to highlight whatever you are trying to open.
  • Gender change: (sexchange): By this command you can change the sex of any character instantly that you have targeted that time.
  • Tai: By using this console command you can stop every character no matter where they all are. And when you want them to move again, type the same code.
  • Get Current Stage: ID (GetStage): Type the command given in brackets and through this you will be able to get the status of the current active stage of quest.
  • Target: (movetoqt) According to this current mod, you can move your player to any of your target.
  • Teleport NPC: (moveto player): this console command will let you tell port aboutany of the NPC at your location.
  • Empty Inventory: (removeallitems): by this simple command you can easily removes all of the items from your target.
  • Resurrect: (Resurrect): use of this console will allow any non-player character(NPC) or we say a dead character to resurrect. So if you press 1 then the dead playerwill get the life with or without items by your choice.
  • Toggle God Mode: (tgm): this great feature will make you get an infinite health, stamina and a much needed boost to your character permanently.
  • Set Weather: (sw<WeatherID>) well if you are not comfortable with the current weather of the game then use of this mod can change the current weather of your game instantly.
  • Quit: (qqq): if you use this command then without any delay, you may make the whole game quite.
  • Give dragon souls: (player.forceav): by this modyou can use the number of dragon souls by any character in this game.
  • Kill all NPC: (killall) this option will allow to kill all the local NPC or dead characters together by this simple command.
  • Level Up: (player.advlevel): using this command if you want make level up your character but you won’t be able to get any benefits by leveling up this way.
  • Player spell book: (psb)if you want to unlock all of the shouts and spell of your character then simply just run this command also.
  • Set player Level: (player.setlevel): by enabling this command you can set level of any player to one of specific value of our choice
  • Give Skill points: (AdvSkill <AV><#>): you canupgrade any skill with this command. Where ever it says SKILL ID fill that with the skill you instantly want to upgrade, then add any points for their skill power.
  • Enable Control in Cinematics: (enableplayercontrols) this is also a very interesting feature for this game as you can control your player in any of cinematic cut scenes also.
  • Increase Skill Points: (IncPCS <AVskill>) by this command you can add custom skill point in your already stated specific skillset.
  • List Inventory: (player.showinventory): if you currently want to have look at all the items available in your inventory then don’t forget to enable this command.
  • Add Spell: (player.addspell): use of this mod enables you to add any more powerful spell to your player.
  • Change Race: (SetPlayerRace) if you are not comfortable with your current player’s race and you might think it is not up to your standards then use this command.
  • Add Perk: (player.addperk <PerkID>) using this console in this game you can add what so ever perk you want to your character specially.
  • Drop Item: (player.drop<ItemID>) use of this specific console command can give you the benefit of easily dropping any specific item of your choice on the ground instantly.
  • Remove Spell: (Player.removespell <variable>) in this game sometimes you are not easy with any spellso if you don’t want any spell by your choice then use this command.
  • Open Customization Menu of Character: (showracemenu): this is also an interesting feature so if you enable this modthen you have direct access to check the character abilities and can also customize them if you want to do that.
  • Remove Perk: (palyer.removeperk i.e. PerkID): well this is so simple if you are not happy then you can remove perk/benefit from your character also.
  • Add Shout : (Addshout <ShoutID>): To the player skill list, it will add the ability to shout to all like if you want to insert a name for a Dragon Shout
  • Unlock Shout: (player.unlockword): like some other mods this will also unlock the ability to shout for the players.
  • Complete Quest: (Complete Quest <QuestID>): every time you enable this mod it will automatically complete any single Quest for your character.
  • Complete All Quest: (caqs) this mods enables every step of each one of your quest to be complete.
  • Set Player Relationship: (player.setrelationshiprank) this type of console command will enable you to look after the relation of NPC with your character.
  • Make NPC mortal/immortal: (setessential) it is completely your choice if you want to press 0 for mortal and 1 for immortal your player.
  • Unequip item: (Unequipitem <ItemID>) the use of this command mayUnequip any item on your target point.
  • Equip Spell: (Equipspell <SpellID>): Use of this command will force the target to equip any known spell because you won’t be able to use it for learning new spells.
  • Equip item: (equipitem <itemID>) by this command you can force target to equip an item from their inventory. But don’t forget to mention the Item ID to equip any desired item.
  • Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence: (TCAI): this mod will enable you to protect from any character attacking you on the computer.
  • Toggle map regions: (tfow): You can turn on off your map routes on unexplored areas.
  • Add Item: (<ItemID>)once you enabled this mod, you can add any item to your target inventory.
  • Toggle Grass: (tg): this command enables grass on and off whenever you want
  • Toggle Combat Artificial Intelligence: (TCAI) This mod will make the computer controlled players unable to attack you. In order words simply they will become hostile but won’t be able to attack you at all.
  • Toggle Run Mode: (rm)the use of this command instantly switch modes between walking and running of your characters
  • Map marker: (tmm): it is used to simply activate or deactivate your map markers by using this console.
  • Walk anywhere: (tcl): this command will allow you to walk anywhere in any direction you want through any possible thing.
  • Coq qasmoke: well this code can give you special access to your fantastic room where you will see all of the items of games because you deserve to have everything.
  • Enable: (enable 9): You can easilymake those targets that have been disabled reappear again.
  • Framework border: (twf): thisconsole command will toggle all the border framework of your game.
  • Field of view: (fov): Just enable this mod and set up your field also location of view by this command.
  • Transport in any cell: (coc <editor ID>) You may simply transport yourself to any other cell with the use of this command.

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Thus that’s all we have about these some of the most useful Skyrim Console Commands available for Skyrim game. And they are very easy to be activated during Skyrim game. In addition there are more hundreds of various different skyrim console commands but we only have chosen the best ones that we thought are most common and useful for most of the players. However if you disagree with us on these mods and think that there are some other useful commands that often come in handy during Skyrim game then feel free to let us know about those skyrim console commands as well. Hopefully we think we have played our part to guide you with around 50 of these Skyrim Console Commands mentioned above for this amazing game. However if you are able to find some other interesting mods for this game then just add them with these commands and play this exciting game more smoothly with powerful features.

Top 50+ Best Skyrim Console Commands
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