Top 10 Best GBA Games of our Childhood

Games coded on android etc had stolen the charm of the games played in 90s. Before these playstore games, kids used to buy DVDs and CDs to play GBA games and Nintendo on the computer. It used to be a weekend, when DVDs were installed and joy sticks were inserted to play GBA games as single or multiple players.

Game as smooth as super Mario to as rough as metal slug was played. Special seating was done to play comfortably and enjoy every part of it. Now, all this fun and charm has been lost somewhere in the world of mobile phones and tablets.

Best GBA Games

Still there are kids and adults who prefer GBA Games and Nintendo games and enjoy playing with joysticks on a big screen. Lets recall the 90s games and freshen up our memories.

Here is a list of top 10 GBA games played most frequently:

Contra III – the alien war

Contra III - the alien war - best gba games

Contra III – A game made in 90s by GBA, Contra III is an alien hunting game where you are a brave super hero and has to save the world from alien invasion. Huge alien ships have landed to the place and now everyone counts on you to save the place. Weapons and bombs can be used to destroy the aliens. The fight has taken place between you and aliens and you have to finish them before they catch and kill you.

Final fight one

Final fight one game - best gba games

Final Fight One, mostly for boys but girls also play if they are action lovers, final fight one is a martial art game mixed with punches and kicking. The city and its street are filled with muggers who are not only disturbing the neighbors’ but had also made them captive. You are the hero and had to save the streets from these muggers, kill the boss and rescue the captives. Final Fight One game is full of kicking and punching and when both of these are combined well, they make a superb move to kill the muggers.

Metal slug advance

Metal slug advance game - best gba games

Metal Slug is the most thrilling game of that time, metal slug is full of action at every move of the game. Free will of selecting from any 4 players, metal slug game is filled with enemies at every niche and corner of the platform. Big tanks, robots and guns can be chosen to kill the bad guys. Metal slug game gives you Goosebumps and keep you alert all the time while playing.

The legend of Zelda – the minish cap

The legend of Zelda - best gba games

The Legend of Zelda made by GBA, the legend of zelda game is a combo of action and entertainment. Having magical and evil powers, the legend of zelda game revolves around a warrior who is destined to save his kingdom from demons and black magic. Tricky as much, the legend of zelda game is played with manipulations and plots. The best part is the minish cap, who is a guide for Zelda and protect and warn him from the enemies.

The legend of Zelda – a link to the past

The legend of Zelda - best gba games

Another series of Zelda and his kingdom, the legend of zelda – a link to past comprises of enemies, who have taken captives and are destroying the kingdom. As a brave hero, you have to save the people of kingdom by passing through difficult dungeons and fighting the evil villains. The legend of Zelda – a link to the past GBA game is a full time action to adventure game and you have to save the princess.

Mario v/s donkey kong

Mario vs donkey kong game - best gba games

Do you like to solve puzzles?

Mario v/s Donkey Kong game created by GBA games is the continuation of old donkey kong game. Mario vs donkey kong game the donkey kong return as an evil master and capture all the toys and mini Mario. Mario has to save all the toys and mini Mario by solving the Interesting puzzles.

Disney’s Aladdin

Disney’s Aladdin game - best gba games

Disneys Aladdin is a game based on a story of a prince and princess, Aladdin is a popular game among boys and girls. Genie, a monkey and a prince named as Aladdin are on a mission to rescue jasmine and save the world. Disneys Aladdin game is interesting and entertaining and very addictive.

Super puzzle fighter II turbo

Super puzzle fighter II turbo game - best gba games

Another well known puzzle game, super puzzle fighter is a game where you have to choose a street fighter champion for yourself. You have to fully train the fighter so that you can win the game easily. The most important is to finish all the gems while fighting. If you are left with gems, you lose the game. You have to be careful while fighting and solving the puzzles.

Astro boy

Astro boy game - best gba games

Astro boy is a science fiction game where you can punch, slap and fly like a super hero in any direction. The hero also has a great super vision and you can use all the powers while playing. The main task is to collect all the cash money from the professor. Simple and very easy, Astro boy game is nice to play.

Dr Mario

Dr Mario game - best gba games

One of the best puzzle games, Dr Mario is so much interesting to play. Dr Mario game you have to kill the bacteria and killer germs that are causing harm to people. You have to kill them with self-made pills. The pills are of different color and kill specific bacteria and germ.

This completes the list of top ten best GBA games of our childhood invented. They are the gems of our memory and cannot take place of playstore games.

Top 10 Best GBA Games of our Childhood
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