Top 10 Best Ebook Torrents Sites in 2018

The world is becoming digital. We never imagined being able to watch movies online, neither did we ever think we could stream the every first episode of X-Files. With films on board, how can books ever stay behind? In this hustle filled world, people do not find the time to visit libraries or go through book stores and buy a novel.

Ebook Torrents Sites 2018

That’s why eBooks were born. The digital version of numerous books you want to read, whether educational or entertaining can now be found. Nonetheless, since everything nowadays is a business, these eBooks are not always free and can even be more costly than the hard copy. EBook torrents can be of use here, because they bring forth free books.

Here are a few Ebook Torrents Sites:

The Pirate Bay (


ThePirateBay has faced legal issues more than the books on it! Just joking; eBook torrents barely survive legal wars but Pirate Bay made it through and harbors a huge collection of books. It might take a while to find the correct and current URL of Pirate Bay but it’ll be worth it when you get the book you want very easily.

Kickass Torrents (

kickass torrents

The name says it all; with nearly 200000 books on board, Kickass torrents serve as one of the largest repertoire of digital books one can imagine to find. That’s not all; they have a forum where you can even ask for a certain book and it shall be duly made available.

ExtraTorrent (


one of the eBook torrents, that has made it into this list because ExtraTorrent have a huge collection of fiction books that readers enjoy. Moreover, they have also have a forum where readers get to enjoy talks and discussions on the books they read.

E-Book Share (

E-Book Share stands out amongst the rest because it allows you to navigate for a book by author, genre and much more. This easy searching feature as well as a huge cluster of books ranging up to 400000 has attracted readers to this site time and again.

A lot of readers are also writers and are looking for eBook torrents that’ll also take up their own book. If you’re one of those people, go no further than Apart from allowing you to get book torrents, it also permits uploading versions you want.

Oh no, this aint your regular Wikipedia. WikiBooks amasses a large assortment of books and the best part is that they’re in different languages. Looking for a French book about love in Paris? Or a Dutch book to polish those speaking skills? You’ll find everything here.

Can you name up to 90 genres of books? definitely can and they also present these genres at your service. Choose the book of your choice from these collections and enjoy them at your PC or phone.

They say old is gold and site proves it. Created a decade ago, it is still a reader’s favorite because of its super collection of books coupled with the ease of converting formats from one to another and back!

Ever wanted a side business to earn online? can help you out. Subscribe on this site and earn up to 25% of commission on each sale they make apart from downloading your desired books.

Planet e-book (

Ah, want to read something by William Shakespeare? Or are in the mood of some classic Jane Eyre? You’ve come to the right place. Planet e-book has all those classics stacked on their digital bookshelves for you to dust off and download.

Top 10 Best Ebook Torrents Sites in 2018
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