Top 10+ Best City Building Games 2018 for PC

Enumerable number of games exists that are solely to be played on your computer, since there area great number of designers who are investing into this venture. While there are a lot of games that spark the player’s interest, best City building games are on top of the charts for now. Keeping in view this popularity, we’ve created a list for your convenience so that you have the absolute best games in your computer. Choose a game, and be prepared to be shaken by the amazing illustrations and features!

10+ Best City Building Games

Here is the Best City Building Games 2018:

1. Anno2205 – Best City Building Game

Anno 2205 Best City Building Games

Bagging the top spot in best city building games for computers is Anno2205 simply due to its oh so amazing graphics. Anno2205 sets in the ‘future’ so you can have your personal city out in space or even on this earth but years later. Words won’t suffice if we attempt to rate this game, so you better try Anno2205 out on your own.

2. Cities Skylines – Best City Building Game

Cities Skylines - Best City Building Games

If we make these ratings according to virtual reality, Cities Skylines would beat them all. There are marvelous gears and setups you can utilize to create a city in Cities Skylines. The striking feature of Cities Skylines is that the cities you generate here are totally contemporary and will give the most realistic look possible.

3. Urban Empire – Best City Building Game

Urban Empire - Best City Building Game

A city will only progress in the best City building games if the head of the city has full power; and this game will provide exactly that. Prior to building a whole city from scratch in Urban empire, you’ll need to devise an executable strategy. Once the city is functional, you shall also need to govern the public needs and also have a leg up in politics. Acting as the ruler or as the politician in Urban empire is up to you but in either case you need to cater the needs of the people through educational institutes, hospice facility and so on.

4. Cities XXL – Best City Building Game

Cities XXL - Best City Building Game

As the name (Cities XXL)itself suggests, the game is big on every level. You have to search through various huge cities and gather the material needed to create your own city. Furthermore, you have to run your Cities XXL such that the money it makes is sufficient to buy newer and better things to improve the city. You don’t need to fret about the designing because the innate schemes available in Cities XXL are beautiful enough to catch the eye and create a masterpiece.

5. City Play – Best City Building Game

City Play - Best City Building Game

The city building in best City building games is definitely the priority but taking care of the public is a social responsibility in itself. The City Play public must be happy with the ruler; otherwise, there is no use of creating such a city. Give them souks for their needs, sanatoria for their health and police hubs for their safety, all the while making sure that the City Play government resources don’t run out.

6. SimCity

SimCity - Best City Building Games

SimCity has been in the charts for ages because it has spiked a user interest thanks to its amazing graphics. Not only is the city up to date and totally modernized, but SimCity is also a two plus player game so you can share the burden of running the city, or have a one to one with a rival and also win contests over which SimCity is the best.

7. Tropico 5

Tropico 5 - Best City Building Games

Kalypso brings one of the very unique best City building games i.e Tropico 5; the game circles around a desolate island that is in dire need of up gradation. Tropico 5 will teach you how to turn the most dilapidated of areas into something worthy and resourceful by using limited materials. Making a Tropico 5 city that rocks the very basis of earth can be tough but we know you have it in you!

8. Urban Empire

Urban Empire - Best City Building Game

Ever imagined being the mayor of your city? Well, here’s your chance in Urban Empire. Create your own city with planning and strategy and the outcome will be even more amazing than you ever imagined. Whether the problems in Urban Empire are governmental, trade and industry or communal, you shall be responsible to solve them.

9. The Settlers 7

The Settlers 7 - Best City Building Games

Cybernetic games are always a fantasy but bringing this fantasy to reality is now possible. The Settlers 7 is one of the best City building games that’ll give you magnificent resources such as road building materials, healthcare facilities, educational institutes and more, to make a city that’ll be as close to home as it can be. The Settlers 7 is one of the finest games in town.

10. Forge of empires

Forge of Empires - Best City Building Games

Sci-fi games are also very catchy and Forge of empires is one of them. The city is one of the tasks, while the other is to create a full fledge science center next to it. Since science plays a role in Forge of empires, there may be creatures from outer space attacking your system every now and then, as well as other nemesis which you’ll necessitate to combat off. Forge of empires is delightful!

11. Banished

Banished - Best City Building Games

As the name Banished indicates, this is a challenging one. So all the players that like it a little tough must be up for it immediately. Constructing a whole best City building games from zero is a task in itself, but Banished you are also catering the people and making sure they survive is a burden of its own. The hurdles you face in Banished and the problems you need to overcome, only make the game more interesting.

12. Another Brick in the Mall

Another Brick in the Mall

Apart from being gaming heaven, Another Brick in the Mall is also eye-candy. The graphics and visuals are to die for. Assets available in Another Brick in the Mallare ample enough to deal with the construction as well as governance of the city for long stretches of time.

13. Cities in Motion 2

Cities in Motion 2 - Best City Building Games

‘Cities in motion 2’ takes you on a journey of City building games (literally). Because not only do you manage the city but you also see to the transport facility of your people. Talk about carriages, automobiles and subways that are not only designed exclusively by you but they are also governed by your authorityin Cities in Motion 2. Quite a different one, yet one of the most popular games out there presently.Cities in Motion 2 will definitely incite interest.

Final Verdict

Phew! You now have sufficed know how of the entire City building games that can run on your computer with ease. You must have noticed that each and every game is unique and has features that the others don’t. While each game has its own specialty, in our opinion ‘Banished’ offers the best of the best because not only is it constructive but also tingles the brainpower into dissolving problems, getting rid of steeplechases and keeping its citizens hale and hearty. The next move is totally yours; go and download the one you like best!

Top 10+ Best City Building Games 2018 for PC
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