Top 10 Awesome Games Like Stardew Valley 2018

That is a game really? This question arises at various occasions but the answer to this question is not always satisfying. Game is an abstract idea. It is a form of play which has specific goals and structures. It is a means of enjoyment and relief. Different people will describe it is different ways according to the idea that they possess of it. Games can be defined as way of expressing art and idea logic elements. Games can vary from person to person. For some people it is a mean for entertainment and enjoyment while for others it can be an achievement. Games have become a very essential part of our lives today. Everyone is engaged in some kind of a game to get rid of the boredom and use their extra time in a fun and exciting way.

Games Like Stardew Valley

Video Games like Stardew Valley

This is the era of video games. People have switched from physical games to electronic games which can be played inside the house with all the comforts and luxurious. Video games are usually played on TV screens, laptops, desktops or any other sort of electronic device. It is a collection of abstract ideas mixed with imagination, all given a sense of reality. One can be a ninjaat night and a farmer in the morning. It allows one to experience various lifestyles. These games can also be educational like many farming games that give an idea of the real life farming to its players.

Video Games Like Stardew Valley

Farming Games like Stardew Valley

farming games like stardew valley

This might sound a bit absurd but today you can own and run a farm in your laptop. Wait what? How would that be possible? This is very much possible through playing the online or downloadable farming games. These games simulate the economics of a farm. Like all games these games also have an objective or you may call it a goal. The goal of the game is to raise money by running a farm. You would have to harvest crops and sell livestock like in real life farms to earn revenue which allows you to buy new crops, land and livestock. You would have a profit or loss depending upon your harvest. If your harvest is destroyed then you’ll have to replant the crops. The money can be collected by visiting neighbors or doing other chores at the farm. This gives you an experience on how a real life farm works and operates. People who enjoy farming and has it as their hobby would very much enjoy playing this game.

Stardew Valley – A farming game

Stardew Valley - A farming game

This is a framing game which was developed by Eric “Concerned Ape” Barone and published by Chucklefish. It is an indie farming game which is to be played on electronic devices like laptops and computers. It is a role playing game in which one acts as farmer and has to run his farm in the best way possible to get the maximum points and harvest. The player has certain time and energy life which he has to consume accordingly to clear the land first and the plant the crops along with other chores at the farm. The player engages in certain social activities like visiting the neighbor’s farm, going to the market to buy seeds and doing the normal selling business along with it. The game is everlasting and has various levels that are to be completed to unlock new machinery and seeds that he can purchase. This is so much like playing a farmer in the real world.

List of games like Stardew Valley

On the completion of all the levels of the game, the game is fully completed thus losses the fun and entertainment. This is way people tend to look for other games like this to fulfill their desire to play as a farmer. People who enjoy farming as their hobby enjoy playing these games the most and then comes the children that just almost play any kind of games. This list of games given below are every similar to the Stardew valley.

World’s Dawn Game like Stardew Valley

World’s Dawn Game

This is a life simulation game. The player has to engage in different activities on the daily basis to run his farms and look for a lover as well with which he or she can maintain a relationship. This is very much like our real lives. Finding a lover is hard just like that the game contains various difficulties that the player has to engage in to find the love of his life. Along with that he has to work day and night to manage his or her farm to get the best harvest in the small town that he lives in. the game is rich in its features and there is a choice of 32 different characters which one can choose to become and settle down in the village.

Don’t starve Game like Stardew Valley

Don’t starve Game


The name of the games gives the idea that it’s is a kind of survival game. In this game one has to face the thick and thins alone and looks for resources to live through the day. The player starts from scratch and has nothing on him except a craft and a hunt. With the help of these tools he has to start playing and go one from the middle of nowhere to the end. You won’t get instructions or have any kind of help. You have to work on your own and trust your instincts to survive and win. The visual effects of the game create a 3D world for 2D characters to live in.

Tides of Destiny Game like Stardew Valley

Tides of Destiny Game

This is an adventures collection of games in which one can explore almost all the aspects of the real life. The game is packed will a hell lot of activities for you to do and experience the role of various characters. You can be a farmer, crafter or even and a pirate that goes on missions to look for treasures and explore the world. A cooking and farming game mixed with an adventures touch in which you fight monsters to save the harvest and lot more. Choosing to be a boy or girl depends entirely upon the players. Download the game to explore various adventures of life.

Fantasy Life Game like Stardew Valley


Fantasy Life Game

Fantasizing is one of the things we are best in. but playing a fantasy game would fulfill all the adventures that we think of having but never have the time or the money to go on. Fantasy life is a game built with innovative life system that takes you through the many adventures. Explore new landscapes and wonders of the world like you never did before. Enter your world of imagination to find your way through the jungles and the lakes to complete the missions. Download the game to spend your free time exploring the memorizing world of imagination.

Recettar – An item shop tale Game like Stardew Valley


Recettar – An item shop tale Game

The name says it all. Become a shopkeeper by playing this game. It is based a story of a girl whose life has been turned upside down by a fairy. You are the girl who has to now look after the item shop and manage it. The game has two modes; survival and the endless mode, choose the one that you desire and start playing. Your tasks will begin from designing the interior of the shop to make it look comfortable and attractive to the customer and then buying the stock and selling it to get the maximum points or cash so that you can keep running your shop in the best way possible. Along with running your shop you would have to face various adventures like exposing dungeons and so on.

Rim World Game like Stardew Valley


Rim World Game

This is also an adventurous game that allows you to explore new territories. It is based on science fiction and just like Stardew valley, it a life simulation game. It starts with three survivors of a shipwreck who are stranded on an island which is far away from life and from there they have to work their way up to survive. The players occupy the land that they discover and build colonies on it. Just like pirates they search for new places like islands, jungles, deserts and so on and make their earning by trading or selling slaves. Rim World is filled with exciting adventures for you to go on and live a stranded live with just two friends and nothing else.

Wild season Game like Stardew Valley


Rim World Game

This is very fun game to play very much like Stardew valley. The player starts as a young farmer who is very ambitious to buy a land in the small town. The game starts with the player tackling the land which needs to be cleared out first and the made flexible for farming. The objective of the game you to grow as many crops as possible to earn maximum points and coins to reach the next level. It is full of excitement for those who love the idea of farming and is a boredom killer.

Harvest Moon – Friends of Mineral Town Game like Stardew Valley


harvest moon game

The game is based on a story line. The player is a farmer in the Mineral Town who has to work day and night and visit every corner of the town to make maximum profits. He also has to look for the girl of his live with whom he is to start a family. The daily chores of the farms go along with the search such as feeding and taking care of the livestock, planting and harvesting crops and then the regular business of buying and selling the crops. The game is filled with various adventures for you to explore.

Shepherd’s Crossing 2 Game like Stardew Valley


Shepherd’s Crossing 2 Game

The game doesn’t have a story line which means you can run your farm any way you want. The game comes in sand box style which makes it look even more real and exciting. The game is fully equipped to be played on the Nintendo as it possesses the full implementation of the DS touch screen which provides intuitive and unique controls. You can develop relationships with the other farmers and town members even marry one of them to start a relationship. The game is full of fun activities that you can enjoy in your leisure time.

Rune Factory 4 Game like Stardew Valley


Rune Factory 4 Game

This game is the most famous and recommended Harvest Moon series. The game has a story line which one has to play through. The game includes lives of a family who own a farm and have to fight monsters and evil creatures with upgraded characters and weapons like spears and swords. The player could choose to be a male or a female. The player acts as the protector of the town. He protects it from the harms and builds nice and beautiful tourist spots for people to visit, very much like the mayor of the town. The game is filled with real life drama and experiences.


All these games and many other are similar to Stardew valley. There is no doubt that Stardew valley is one of the best games which is full of entertainment and adventures but these games also have their own place in the gaming world. They much like Stardew valley possess a life simulating system that makes them fun and exciting. Try these games to change the flavor and explore new innovating worlds and adventures.

Top 10 Awesome Games Like Stardew Valley 2018
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